Your Guide to Real Estate Financing Throughout California

Private Lending Solutions

Private Lending with LCG offers attractive solutions when you don’t qualify for construction and renovation financing through a bank. Private Lending provides the following:

  • Better leverage
  • Flexible fund control
  • Less red tape that you experience with financial institutions
  • Fulfills your dream home or other investment property

Below Are Private Lending Properties with Situations That LCG Funded

Land purchase to construction

Land purchase to construction – 3,700 sq. feet – financing of over $500,000
LCG customer purchased land with private lending; cost exceeded original budget; LCG provided funding to complete project

Apartment renovation

Apartment renovation – Funded 100% of $400,000 project
LCG customer remodeling a 7-unit apartment complex with no tenants; bank required existing rent

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) – Funded 100% of $125,000 project
LCG customer adding an ADU on property of existing home

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