Your Guide to Real Estate Financing for Southern California


Whether you're representing Home Buyers or Home Sellers in the New Economy, you’re facing unique challenges. Over 70% of all homes in California are in financial distress, need cosmetic repairs or are not energy efficient. These "As Is" properties are Cosmetic Dogs™ or Power Hogs™!

The Cure for the Cosmetic Dogs™ and Power Hogs™!

We’re the most experienced “As Is” mortgage lender in California and our unique Hybrid Loan Program™ gives home buyers the funding for cosmetic repairs, home improvements and energy upgrades.

Working with home buyers?

  • Increase your inventory
  • Save more of your deals
  • Show fewer homes to close a sale
  • Give your clients up to 30% energy savings + tax credits & utility rebates

Working with home sellers?

  • Address any issues that buyers may have with your “As Is” property
  • Make it easy for buyers to get their wish list of cosmetic repairs, home improvements & energy upgrades
  • Pre-qualify buyers for a purchase loan amount INCLUDING the repairs, improvements & upgrades
  • Close in as little as 30 to 45 days!

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